Thursday, May 10, 2007

Highly Intoxicated

Being a Tattoo Artist for sometime, running my own studio, its just funny how u meet all kind of people. What really cracks me up, are the people who come in highly intoxicated by alcohol or by any other substances which only God knows of !!

Its really funny when they can't even stand straight, they talk with a slur which seems like they are speaking in tongue and wanted to get a tattoo at the same time. Its like a Fusion went wrong !! God !! Do they even realise what they really want in the first place?

I had a customer one day, who walked into my studio and wanted a tattoo of his wife's name. He did'nt seem that drunk to me at that point of time until I asked him of how would I spell that name. My oh My !! He can't even remember his wife's name for Christ's Sake !! He took out his handphone, went through his contacts and pointed out one of the names in there and said, "That is my wife"...

It does irritate me when I have drunk customers and seriously, I DO NOT ENTERTAIN ANYONE WHO IS HIGHLY INTOXICATED BY ALCOHOL OR BY ANY OTHER FOREIGN SUBSTANCES - So they can just fuck off from my studio.

Most of my customers ask me this question. "Must I get high on alcohol in order for me to take the pain"? To answer the question, NO. Whether you are drunk or not, you will still feel whatever pain you might feel and you will bleed more than usual as your heart pumps faster as it tries to flush out the alcohol content in your body. I was wondering, why would one, want to have a tattoo if they are afraid of the pain?

Ladies and Gentlemen, Tattoos are not for the weak !!

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