Saturday, June 30, 2007

Borneo Tattoo Convention Day 1


What can I say ?!

It was great being in Sarawak for the 2nd International Borneo Tattoo Convention 2007 !! I wished it never ended so fast. It was the best experience and being able to be tattooed traditionally by Enersto himself, from the Borneo Head Hunters, was a great honour. Walking around Bukit Aup Jubilee Park was the most physically tormented thing I ever did !! It was such a huge place and climbing up endless fleets of stairs was madness. I will tell you all about it as we go by...

Day 1 of the convention...

I was able to meet Alex Nadini of Italy and it was awesome to be side by side with one of the world's best !

Borneo Design being done by Rotary Tattoo Machine

FreeWind of USA doing his thang ya'all..

Freewind tattooing traditionally with the help of his wife...

Later that evening, I was traditionally tattooed by Ernesto and it drew a large crowd witnessing it. The whole event was videographed and photographed by the press for magazines and documentaries and such... My oh My, was I excited or what ?!

After close to a hour, the tattoo was done. And I had another day to go for my other fist to be tattooed again..hehe !!

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