Monday, June 4, 2007


I had a customer walk in today, wanting to get a tiger on his arm. Explaining to me that he wants his tiger to be fierce. Typical tattoo as always. Well, that is what I thought. He then goes on, saying that he wants the tiger's body to face a certain angle and the facial expression to be in a certain angle, which of course, will be near impossible for the tiger to be in an awkward position in reality, unless its a tiger practising yoga, having its body to be so flexible...God !

After that is done and going through some of the designs, he said, "I want my tiger to look like a gorilla!" Come on !! How can you have a tiger that looks like a gorilla? Its either a tiger or a gorilla ! What a day to start my week with !!

At this point of time, I knew I had to step in and explain to him in my point of view, that what he is imagining is nowhere going to look like a tiger. He was on the darker skin tone, so colours won't work well. He did look kinda disappointed, but I assured him that it will turn out well.

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And this is how it turned out...

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