Friday, June 29, 2007


Please let me state that I have a huge soft spot for wizard tattoos. They are pretty much always terrible (let me know if you have seen a good wizard tattoo), but charming, in a weird kind of way. I don't really know why I like bad wizard tattoos so much, because I certainly don't find bad fairy tattoos charming (or even good fairy tattoos). Anyway, here is a bevy of awesomely awful wizard tattoos:

Hairy Red-Eyed Floating Head Wizard:

Meek Purple Wizard:

Yin-Yang "POUNDER" Wizard (the bats are really cool though):

Death Wizard:

Space Wizard (I love love love this dude):

Blasty Wizard:

Wizard-That-Doesn't-Look-Like-A-Wizard 1 (the website I found it on clearly stated that it was a wizard):

Wizard-That-Doesn't-Look-Like-A-Wizard 2:

And, for the grand finale, Not Safe For Work Wizard (thanks Jen):
click here to see NSFWW

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