Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Good Tattoos Ain't Cheap

I am dedicating this article to the 2 different kinda people in the world. The first, those who want to have a good tattoo but at cheap cost. The second, to the scratchers who tattoo at home and think they are the best in the world and think that they are so undergound and everyone worships them because of some linework done which looks like a 5 yr old kid has done it.

All I can say to them is, "You can go and fuck yourself."

There is a saying, "The bitterness of a poor-quality tattoo will linger long after the sweetness of a cheap price is forgotten." Or in other words, " Good Tattoos Ain't Cheap, Cheap Tattoos Ain't Good".

I am sure everyone is aware of that phrase or have seen it in tattoo parlours everywhere. But I still wonder, why is that everyone wants a cheap tattoo.

I have encountered 100s of them walking in over the past few months, bargaining the price of tattoos like they are bargaining for fish in the market. This is a Tattoo Parlour for God's Sake!! And to those who don't know what that means, You need to wake up !!

I know I sound kinda pissed off at this issue. Well, every professional tattoo artist should be, and would agree with everything I have to say in here.

Quote by
Karen Hudson

"If you really want a tattoo from a particular artist, why are you going to let a price tag hold you back? You do realize you'll be wearing this tattoo for the rest of your life, right? If you don't think that's worth a few extra dollars, don't get it! "But I can get the same tattoo from my buddy for half that price!" Fine - you go see your buddy and don't come looking for a shoulder to cry on when you end up with a lousy tattoo or get some kind of disease or infection from improper sterilization."

I have customers who wanna bargain a $100 tattoo, all the way down to $20 !! Are they high on some cheap drug which cost them only 5cents? God !! There are even some who show off their badly done tattoo, ( probably done free by some scratcher cum junkie ) and say, "This big one only cost me $10". Damn right, its only $10 because it comes along with HIV, HEP B, Permanent Disfigurement to the skin that bloats up. "3D EFFECT", Literally. Man, You really got a good deal !!

"Don't choose any artist based on price alone. Look at the portfolio. Ask around to see if they have a good reputation for good work. Check out the competition and compare quality, not prices!"

You only get what you pay for. Don't expect a good quality tattoo even if its a professional when you bargain prices all the way to the ground. You piss us off, we will make you pay for the rest of your life. I am very sure you don't want to be tattooed by a pissed off tattoo artist do you? And don't come running back saying the tattoo is badly done. Don't expect the whole cake when you only pay for a slice.

But on the other hand, there are also artist who charge alot for a tiny tattoo where you can get triple the size elsewhere, still with good workmanship. Why is this so? Number one reason - We all have rents to pay !! Some places have higher rents - They have to charge higher for the tattoos too. And seriously, I have seen some bad tattoos (Not once, but many times) which cost a bomb, done at "famous" tattoo shops.

The best part - Tattoo Artist Wanna-bes, have their own shop, acting all professional but charging more than half the price lesser, than that I am charging. I have 2 kinda people in this kinda situations.

Firstly - Comparing prices. Saying, "I did this in that shop, the guy only quote me $80". Where I would charge maybe, $150 for the size and design but I would do it free if I were to do in that quality !

Secondly - People who regret. Saying, "I did this in that shop, the guy spoilt it. Can you do something bout it?". I would be pleased to do what I can do to the badly done tattoo, but sometimes I do turn them down, cause they are way beyond coverups at times.

If a person can pay so much for something which is not permanent, why not pay for tattoos which will follow you till grave.

By now, I am very sure to piss alot of people off who read this article.

Remember - Only those who are guilty gets pissed off. So, if you are pissed off, get off my fucking blog !! Hehe !!

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