Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sick and Tired

Hello all !!

Yet again, its been some time since I updated this blog. It has been a rough ride ever since I came back to Singapore. Lots have been going on and its just making me sick and tired.

There have been rumours and tall-tales about me going around in cyberland and the real world. Its like, I am being watched, of what I do in my personal life. Why can't those people give me a break?! There are some, whom I might not know, are just dying to tarnish my name. Isn't it funny when ; whatever I do actually, does not concern them and yet, they use my name just so they feel good? They do need to get a fucking life and mind their own business.

Its true that many people do know me and its work's nature to be interactive with them. There are some who just piss me off, well just tough luck. Sometimes, I wonder why its bad to be nice.

To all those who wanna mess me up and spread rumours about what I am like or what I have done, I got something to say - "Even if I were to be shaking hands with Jack the Ripper or riding with Kid Rock or getting laid with X-tina, it is not your god damn business. If you want to make it your business, come face to face, meet eye to eye and tell me. I ain't running away. I am happy at what I do and I am loving it."

Make it simpler for the "Paparazzi-Wannabes" - I am the Rockstar !! Just shadow me in my public and personal activities. Bring it on!! -Wink -

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