Monday, February 4, 2008

Thank You, Gavin & Bron

I would like to take this time and chance to dedicate this piece of blog to Gavin & Bron...

I would like to say, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to come over and experience the lifestyle and culture that happens in Tasmania. Its funny how we even got to know each other, and like they say - Bad things happen for good reasons. I am very honoured and happy to have you guys around. I thank you for your hospitality and comfort given to me over the days I was there. You guys really took good care of me and I am very touched by it.

For you to invite me over was a big thing, putting a trust in me, not knowing what kind of person I could be, was a bigger thing. I never had so much fun, never had so much of calmness in my soul and peacefulness in my mind. I felt safe, guys. It something which I never felt in my whole life. Sad, but its true. No matter how much I say "Thank You", its never enough for what you guys have given me or shown me during my stay.

I am dedicating this piece for you both and telling you that you guys mean alot to me. This is no bullshit. Let me tell the whole world that - You guys, rock my world !!

Like Gavin said, We will mates forever even though we are world apart...

I would never forget you guys and want you guys to know that I am here for you guys when you come to Singapore. Always....

Me and Gavin - Rockin in Van Diemen's Land !!

Bron and Me - Lookin Lovely ain't you bron? Haha !!

Me with 2 of the world best mates I have. Forever !!

I was close to tears when I said good bye to both of you at the airport. I know I sound emotional, but its true. Now everyone is gonna make fun of me when they read this..haha !! I miss the whole bunch. But fret not, I will be making a comeback !! Van Diemen's Land, will never be the same again !!

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