Sunday, February 3, 2008

What a Day...

Hello everyone !!

Sorry for my long absence. To some who have known, Immortal Tattoos was on tour to Van Diemen's Land - Tasmania !!

I am now finally back to the fast paced and noisy land, where everyone seems to be in a rush, and god knows why. One piece of advice to everyone who is new to my blog and to the those who keep track over the months, - Watch and Learn from the boys from Van Diemen's Land. They rock !!

Before I go on about my tour, I would wish to share something.

I was back to my studio today, and I should say, it was not a warm welcome.

Few months back, I had a customer who refused to pay after getting a tattoo by me and I had to call the cops on him. Seems like the cops can't do anything about it as it was between "retailer and customer" issue. Full of shit if you ask me. Anyway, the guy ended up paying and left.

And of all days, he returned yesterday and asked me to retouch his tattoos for him. Well obviously I refused to, and he got pissed and shouted vulgarities at me. After all the peace and quietness, some jackass have to piss me off. There was some confrontation between me and him, verbally that is, and he ran out of the shop and called me out for a fight. When I asked him to come back in, he just took off. What a pussy he was !!

And some other guy I tattooed many months back as well, who is known to be in prison now, was bragging to his cell mates about how he wanted to beat me up and break my shop. And he went on saying to some other guy that my tattoos are expensive and that I am arrogant.

A note to the jail bird - "Well if you are reading this, probably you are illiterate ( If you know what that means ), so it doesn't matter. You can ask your "friends" to translate it for you. But wait ; are they not as dumb as you? Let me tell you something. This is Singapore, my low lifed friend. You can brag to your cell mates anything you want, but your the one serving time in prison, selling your ass for some cash to buy drugs when you are out. So, try harder next time. If you think my tattoos are expensive, don't do it, cause your too cheap to be tattooed anyway."

Sure is fast paced back in Singapore - Pretty FULL-ON boys !!

I will be updating about my tour over the next few days, so don't blink....

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