Thursday, May 8, 2008

3rd Tattoo Event

Immortal Nite @ Chillies - 3rd Event !! Enjoy it !!

Starting off..

Closer to the End..


Last touchups...

That you see, Ladies and Gentlemen is a work done in 1 hr.
And what happens when you finish your job faster than expected? Well, You will start clowning around !! Welcome to my world !!

Rock on and suck on my boots !! Well, don't we all have "duties"?

This what happens when someone tries to imitate you. Haha !! And STOP looking at his crotch !!

Showing off the tattoo aren't you, Kim? Haha !! ( Thats the girl who got tattooed in my 2nd Event of Immortal Nite )

Well that's right. We are bunch of CamWhores - Representing Immortal Tattoos , Singapore!!

Signing Off - As we all are gettin ready to be wasted !! Or are we really? Hehehe !!

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