Saturday, May 17, 2008

4th Event @ Chillies

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls of all ages who have helped in contributing to the counter hits by clicking on my site for the past year or so. I thank you all !!

The 4th Event - The Final Event. Immortal Nite @ Chillies !!

Before I start off, I just want to let you guys know, we were all wasted even before the whole tattoo event began for that night. How did we pull it off? Well, what can I say? Feast your eyes on the visuals!!

(*For those who don't know what the term "wasted" is, I don't wish to explain anyway.) Hehe !!

Dave - The Man - The Canvas - Al Pacino's Body Double !!

Yes !! We are the Golden Girls...

Naren - Ma' Boy !! ( The one who got the Dotted Chucky in my very first event )

Feeding Time for Ms.Kim - Oh No !!

No idea what they looking at, but ya...

Area is Reserved? Where did that come from?

Rock on !! Lets get the engine started !!

I have no memory of posing for this picture...Trust me!!

So here we go. Rain or shine or being wasted - Show must go on!

So this is what we have in the end..But, the Party doesn't stop here for us !!

I swear its just Lime Juice !! Ask Dave, he will tell you...

Too Much of Magic in the System !!

Rockin On with Kim !!

Dave - Partyin on !!

What can I say? Emo Moments? EMO SUCK !!

Without a doubt, Dave stole the night, going home wasted, getting tattooed and what more can you get?

Hereby, I am signing off again !! See ya'all again real soon !! Thanks for the support and Love ya'all !!

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