Thursday, May 22, 2008

Skull Over Scars

I had my friend Naren come in today, wanting to get something to cover up the scars he had on his inner forearm region. What better thing to do over the scars? A skull of course !!

The skull image is used in several religious cultures. The Indian god Kali is pictured with skulls in her wrathful form. Within the Kabbalistic tree of life, the skull symbolizes not death but rebirth, and is a celebration, not mournful time.

In Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico, the skull is a reminder of death, but it reminds people that while death is a misfortune, it can also be seen as “the ultimate liberation.”

Gamblers enjoy using the skull as a “reverse bad luck” charm, hoping it will bring them good fortune. When used by gamblers, it is often accompanied by black cats and dice rolling seven.

Not all meanings are positive, however. The Nazi SS used the death’s head as a symbol, and many neo-Nazis still use the symbol in tattoos to this day.

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