Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy 2nd Bday - Immortal Tattoos

Immortal Tattoos, Singapore turns 2 !!

What better way to celebrate it than have a Indoor Beach Party @ Chillies !!

Ms.Kim and Myself

Ms.Kim rockin' out !!

Vicky - The Bouncer and Myself

Don't ask me how this picture came about..It just did !!

I am not part of it !! Really !! Oh My !!

Dave being the photographer - For few seconds and...

The Surfer Boys?!

Hate us for being party animals!!

Nethia - The new crew member...

Do the Egyptian walk, my friend..

Arghhhhhh !! Incredible Hulk - Part 27

Dust has settled for the Night. Too much magic in the system...

Now !! Get the paparazzis out !! out !! out !!

I thank everyone for the support over the 2 years !! Till then, you guys know where to find us !!

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