Saturday, January 3, 2009

10th Annual Motor City Expo

Tramp Welker and Brian Everett have done it again!

The 10th was the biggest ever! The new facility was off the hook. The Detroit Renaissance Center, over 70 floors towering over the water. Awesome views in all directions!

View of Canada From our room in Detroit

We had a booth this time, selling the videos and pushing some of the bands that help us out on the soundtrack. Jeremiah released his new CD at the Detroit show.

Tom Painter tattooed "Freedom" on Jeremiah's back, which became the name of the album. Everuone loved it. You can order it here.

Jeremiah and Tom Painter

Yes, Frankie and Dr Dave were there with us. Frankie helped us out in the booth as well as passed out some awards with our old buddy Carl Murry, who was handling the emcee duties and keeping the tunes rolling throughout the weekend.

Dr Dave was busy inking all weekend. Dave even tattooed Frankie's autograph on one crazy fools arm. She wrote "Fuck You" and signed it. Then wanted Dave to sign it too, and he did.

Frankie and Carl Murray

Frankie with Sick J and Dr Dave

Frankie and Shannon

Frankie and fan

Carl and Frankie

The convention floor had around 100 tattoo booths and vendors from all over the country.

Bob Tyrrell hung out with us for a bit too. Frankie wants Bob to tattoo her, but he was booked up for the weekend. So we'll be off to his shop to get it done, and we'll be sure to include it in an upcoming volume of the Tattoo Video Magazine.

Bob Tyrrell with Frankie and Dave

Dave Bolt -- Tattoo by Bob Tyrrell

Jeremiah's sister, Shannon Lesko, also came with us and worked in the booth. She was very helpful and managed to sell quite a few DVDs and CDs for us. Rock on girl!.

Shannon Lesko

Our booth was positioned across from David Bolts booth and Shannon had her eyes one one particular piece of art that David had painted. By the end of the weekend, she was taking an autographed Dave Bolt home with her. She was very happy! Thanks, Dave.

Frankie helping with the awards

We also has a good talk with local tattoo artist Chico, who has some real nice back pieces show up along with some big sleeves. All very beautiful work. It's nice when the collectors come to the show and support their artist, and his people are hard core!

Chico with his baby girl

Tim and James

Dan Marshall

Deano Cook

Done by Deano Cook

For 10 years, this show has consistantly fulled in the biggest artists in the game.

Guy Aitchison

The 10th Annual Motor City Expo is features on Volume 16. Order it now.

Tom Painter and the "girls"

Shannon and Tom

Best of Show

Brian and Frankie

Comments from Josh Thomas

Josh Thomas, Kansas City, MO

Then across the way you had The Art Intensity Network booth set up. Everyone running the booth was not only very friendly, but they had great knowledge of the industry they are promoting & great rapport with all the artists. Their videos are wonderful giving you not only an insight to the biggest tattoo conventions, but they also allow you to get to know the artist behind the work. If you have a favorite artist or one you would like to have place a piece on you, you're sure to find them on an interview on one of their many DVD's. Every volume is packed with awesome footage & they're worth every penny. The team from Art Intensity are definitely a fresh breath to an industry that needs exposure so that everyone can realize that tattoos are one of the greatest forms of art & expression that we can enjoy.

As far as the show itself, the DJ Carl Murray was funny & kept it fresh, the convention room was huge and packed wall to wall with booths & merchandise, the artists were all super friendly, and the people who attended were really cool
creating a big family like atmosphere. If you haven't been to a big convention, this is one to check out next year. See you there!

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