Monday, January 12, 2009

11th Annual Marked For Life - Female Tattoo Artist Expo

Only two days home and off again to another show, first stop is Monroe, NC to pick up my buddy John Mills, he owns Inkaholics Tattooing & Body Peircing. ( free plug ) it takes about 8 hours to get to his shop. We got up on Thursday morning and John drove the rest of the way. 10 more hours. (John got us lost for 2) Thanks Map Quest..not!

John Mills helped us on this trip

We arrived in the general area of the hotel, but have trouble finding the exact hotel due to all the road construction everywhere. We end up driving right into Disney World, at like 11:00 at night. We spun around and got out of there and finally found the right spot!

The convention was held at the Radison Hotel, so it's pretty nice. The building wraps around a swimming pool area in the middle of the hotel. Plenty of restaurants and bars for food & drinks.

Deana Lippins has put on this show for 11 years now, and it gets a great response from the female tattoo community. Female tattooers from all over the world attend the convention each year.

Deana Lippins

We want to thank Deana for all the hospitality, she hooked us up with a booth and a room to do interviews in and to take photos for Prick magazine and well as others we write for, so look out for that.

The footage we shot from this event is in Volume 14 of the Tattoo Video Magazine. We got some great interviews with some great tattooers, plus lots of photos of great tattoos to show you.

For now here's a few of my pictures from the show!

John interviewing Stan

Miss Debra and Stan

Sister Mike from the Drag Booth

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