Saturday, January 3, 2009

1st annual Space Coast Tattoo Arts Festival

Tom Depriest - Cocoa Beach

Just 15 months ago, he was on his death bed, and today with the help of his friends he has managed to pull off one of the most successful conventions I've ever been to.

The booths were sold out in 3 days. Tom's idea was to have a Tattoo Show with a twist. He also wanted to help his friend Ray Thunderhawk, who runs a sanctuary for endangered and mistreated animals.

The Event was full of extras, not normally seen at a Tattoo Convention. Ray Thunderhawk brought some of his Big Cats to the Show each day and would explain what his mission was.

They had hula dancers and live bands, a bon fire on the beach and even Surfboard painting going on. The weekend was packed full of activities for everyone.

They managed to raise some money to help feed the animals and Tom say's he's going to do even more in the future. wait to you hear his plans for next year. You dont want to miss it!

The 1st annual Space Coast Tattoo Arts Festival is featured in Volume 17. Check it out.

Here are a few pictures from the event:

Bob Tyrrell did a guest spot at Artistic Bodyworks before the convention

Ed Madigan's new tattoo by Bob

Bob' s Leg - tribute to Dimebag

Tony Olivas also did a guest spot at Artistic Body Works before the convention

Ed and Greg with Bud Pearson

Abe and Jespa of Tinta Cantina hanging out by the pool

Frankie and Billy Jack seemed to get along...

Hula Dancers were a big hit with the guys

Tom, Billy, Tony & Ed with Wicasa Wakan and Ray Thunderhawk

Baby Charger - 8 days old

Frankie with Tanka

Billy Jack with Dr Dave

Chris Longo, Tom Painter and Mike Skiver

The Party Crew

Frankie with Jason Willis

Ed enjoying himself at the show

Deano Cook with Bob Tyrrell

Frankie with Lori Brown

Frankie and Shannon Lesko working the booth

Host Shop Crew - Artistic Body Works

Join us in supporting this non-profit organization, all donations go to the feeding of the Cats and to maintaining their sanctuary. Want to see more? Thunderhawk is featured in Volume 18. Order it now.

Thunderhawk Big Cat Resue
PO Box 184
Sharpes, FL 32959-0184

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