Saturday, January 10, 2009

Body Art Tattoo Expo - Pamona, CA 2005

We checked into our hotel, which was a little wierd. The desk clerk said there was another name attached to my bill that I didn't know, Dave someone. We got it removed and I gave her my card with my cell number on it in case she needed to rech us. We scoped out the room and headed on over to the convention. The entrance to the show was next door, not so bad normally, but it won't stop raining. We get into the show, thanks to ol buddy Zach (one of the promoters), who we had been talking with on the phone about coming out and covering the show for them.

It was BIG to say the least. it was accually in two different buildings with food vendors in the courtyard between them. Which was a great idea, had it not been raining. We had a river going on in-between the buildings you had to cross. With my camera it was not fun. There must have been over 250 booths, they said over 24000 people came through the door. Even with the heavy rain, mudslides and an earthquake, the LA crowd came out for the show. At the same time, in another building, Easyriders Bike Show was going on.

I got a call on my cell from the hotel, saying another Scott McCool was trying to check in. I said, yes there is another one, he runs Savage magazine, I have never met him, but he might be here. They went by our credit card mumbers to separate us and all was OK... That explains the whether, 2 Scott McCools in the same town, at the same time, and staying in the same hotel even. If we accually meet and are in the same room, it would create a paradox.

Video Scott McCool - Billy - Savage Mag Scott McCool

Here's a sample of pictures from the expo:

Need glasses... was seeing double!

Art and Scott

Art and Freewind

Art and Freewind

Now that had to hurt!

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