Saturday, January 10, 2009

California... Am I Dreaming?

Well another show to do and like always I'm still packing at 1am, no sleep. Just waiting on Jeremiah to get to my house so we can drive 2 hours to the airport. Its now 3am in Virginia, we drive to Dulles airport outside Washington DC. Park the car in the extended parking lot, take the shuttle to the terminal, and realize I left my cell phone in the car. Without it we are screwed. I freak out and send Jeremiah to the gate to wait, while I beg a bus driver to rush me back to the car. Shitty way to start the trip.

Franco of El Toro Inkhouse

We finally get off the ground and headed to California. We flew into Ontario Airport Thursday, you could see snow on the mountains, it was colder in California than it was where we just came from. Before leaving for the west coast this time, I called and made arrangements with Franco of El Toro Inkhouse to do a shop tour of his place for our video. He tattooed Dennis Rodman and Travis Barker of Blink 182, to drop a name or two. Well, I got to tell you, Franco hooked us up.

I called him when we landed and He sent a driver in a black E-420 Mercedes to pick us up at the airport. Big Pimpin all the way! We were getting hungry, so he made a call to have a friend of his meet us for lunch, it turned out to be Seth Enlsow, the moto cross daredevil guy. Seth said to meet him at a new mexican food restaurant that had just opened. So within an hour of us arriving in CA, we were hanging out with Seth Enslow having lunch.

Seth also owns a tattoo shop at 1530 Chapman Ave, in Orange, California. We were on a tight schedule already, so we promised to go to his shop at a later date. But, Seth rocked and it was cool as hell to meet him and hang out for a bit. And, the food wasn’t bad either!

We eventually made it to El Toro Inkhouse at 23532 El Toro Rd,in Lake Forest, California. It was very nice. The Shop is owned by Franco Vescovi and Sean Reynolds.

It has really cool track lighting, an inside waterfall flowing over a beautiful airbrush wall, an art gallery of paintings hanging around. They have private tattoo studios and piercing rooms, it is clear that they have put a lot into the place, There’s even money laying around on the floor.

A complete video shop tour with interviews with Franco and his Crew will be available on DVD real soon.

Sean Reynolds

Archie in his bar station

Jennifer Cassidy - Piercer

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