Sunday, January 11, 2009

Go Smack Alice - Hey It's a Band!

GO SMACK ALICE, with Jay Powell, a local band, hosted a tattoo appreciation night at the Old Town Bar & Grill in Winchester, VA. Co-sponsored by the Art Intensity Network, producer of the Tattoo Video Magazine.

It started to sleet around 7pm, so it looked like the show might be a bust. I called Jay to see what was up at the club, and he said the people were coming in already... the show was on!

Reese Scruggs

Allen Lind

Randy Bryant

It turns out that the Winchester, VA crowd don't care about no stinking sleet or snow... they want to part and they did!

You may recognize Jay Powell from his photos in some of our published articles. Jay has been a contributor to the Tattoo Video Magazine for awhile now. He likes going to the tattoo conventions with us and takes the photos for the magazine.

He also will play guitar and sing at a drop of a hat, if you let him. He will rock your ass!

This night turned out very well. The place was packed and they just kept coming in.

We met some folks (Paula and Kenny) who were very proud and eager to show off their "Tom Painter" tattoos they have. As most of you know, Tom Painter has been tattooing for almost 30 years and owns Body Art Tattoo Studio, in Berryville, VA. His son, Jason McCarty, is known as the human xerox machine. They are sought out tattooers around here.

Tom Painter appears in the Tattoo Video Magazine in Volume 2 and son Jason in Volume 3. Be sure to check it out. Get your copy today. There is also a shop tour of Body Art Tattoo in Volume 6.

GO SMACK ALICE rocked the house for sure when they did their tribute to Dimebag, they crowd went off as they played a few pantera songs. It was cool! The crowd was tatally into it.

The crowd was into the whole tattoo thing and were glad to show us their ink and talk tatoos in between sets. Big tahnks to the Old Town Bar & Grill and for the crowd who braved the weather and came out and showed their support!

GO SMACK ALICE consists of: Jay Powell, songwriter, lead vocal and guitar. Reese Scruggs, lead guitar and backup vocals, Randy Bryant, bass and backup vocals and Allen Lind, drums.

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