Tuesday, January 6, 2009

NYC Independent Film Festival Premier

Here are some photos from the premier of our film "Under The Skin" at the NYC Independent Film Festival... The night was awesome! For those that don't know we won for Best Documentary! They took it home for you Lou.... R.I.P Louie Stella- couldn't have done it with out you.


Producer/Director: Billy Burke, Mario Barth and Carol Barth

Producer/Director: Billy Burke and Editor: Nick Diblasio

Richie and Rosetta

Nicky, Sam and Guest


Producer/Director: Billy Burke

Executive Producer: Mario Barth

Starlight Tattoo Crew

Hori Taku, Carol Barth, Executive Producer: Mario Barth and Pili' Mo'o

Carol Barth and Mario Barth

Mr. and Mrs. Stella

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