Monday, January 12, 2009

Richmond Tattoo Festival

As you walk in the entrance to the hotel you see a wonderful collection of old tattoo machines, photos and other antique tattoo equipment. all provided by artist and historian Mike Skiver. Each year Mike takes his time placing each piece carfully on display for everyone to enjoy, he does this all for free. He say's "It makes his Kharma Good".

Check out Volume 12 of the Tattoo Video Magazine to see the complete coverage of the convention and more!

Tony Olivas tattooing Tammy of Tattoo Magazine

Shauna and Tony

Scott Calcatera

Jack Rudy overseeing operations


Chris Longo

Jesse Smith and friend

Deano Cook

Tim Kern

Shane O'Neil

Jason McCarty

Tom Painter and Chris Longo

Dave Martinez

Jon Hunter

The Party Crew

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