Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Your Body is a Playground @ Zirca
Thursday, January 8, 2009

Special Performances include:
Body suspensions, ritual, blood play by
Roland, VISAVAJARA, Freiburg,
Shane, Galaxy Tattoos, Ink Tank Zurich.
Susan, Ink Tank, Zurich
Wellie, Welie Piercing, Fribourg

What better way to start of Chastity : Artistry of Unsound Minds ? Party !!

Shane on the suspension

Shane and Roland

Carlston and me !!

Jocelyn with the Jug.. Ooops !!

Alex checking on me if I have fever..Haha !!

You don't wanna know what was caught few seconds before this !!

I love you Carlston !!

Daphne Ang - Covermodel of FLASHInk Magazine

Lauren and Moi !

Edmund going wild !

Justin - The quiet boy...

Alex Flashing !!

I have no idea what happened..!!

Here we go again.

Bea and Me - My Chacha dance partner.. hehe !!

Pam and Bea by my side.. What can I say?

Thanks Bea for the pictures !! We partied on through the night, going home wasted as usual. This might explain why there hasn't been much updates... Haha !!

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