Tuesday, March 3, 2009

BB King and Buddy Guy

Sorry for slacking on the blog lately, but we've been on the road like crazy!
Here are some cool things that we had a chance to experience over the last few weeks...

First Up we got a chance to go see the legendary B.B. King and Buddy Guy perform. I've had a chance to see these guys live before, but there's something about seeing a show in New York City that just adds something special to the performance.

A lot of history here

Carol and Mario

A Special Place

Billy, Carol, Mario, and Tommy

Mr. Buddy Guy

Buddy Guy brought out this 9 year old guitar prodigy Quinn Sullivan who absolutely killed it!

Something incredible about watching somebody do exactly what they were born to do-

wow. B.B. King and Buddy Guy pass the torch to this 9 year old kid...


Doing his thing!

After the show we hit up Blue Ribbon for some late night sushi.

Long time friend of Mario and Starlight Tommy

Tommy showed us his new tattoo of his grandson's name done by Jay over at the Belleville shop. Jay does awesome work- go check him out...

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