Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Straightedge Toast

This guy maybe has my favorite bad tattoos of all time. Ever. Period.
Possibly because I have a real soft spot for straight edge tattoos and punk/hc tattoos, possibly because they are just hilarious.

Description from the horse's mouth below:

All my friends have toast tattoos, because when you're poor and dumpster for your food bread is always readily available - it's this thing that kinda unifies us at this point in our lives. The Earth Crisis theme came about when some silly hardline XVX kids were staying at this punk house and talking about how belittling a band with serious issues is a bad thing, and how EC was cool and really helped push ideas into hardcore, and then they started insulting the people who lived at that house by degrading them and saying they had bad views, even making someone get near the verge of crying because she ate sparingly fish.

I realized that the lyrics for the beginning of Firestorm worked really well with toast (the original lyrics for those who don't know are "Street by street/block by block/taking it all back", referring to cleansing a neighborhood of drug dealers.) I went and got the tattoo done in an hour, showed them, and started drinking and eating cheese for the rest of the night (even though I was vegan at the time.) They stopped talking to me, and left shortly after.

I'm going to be getting a tattoo really soon that is based off of the anarchist atheist saying "No Gods, No Masters", but its gonna say "Dogs, No Masters" and have a kennel on fire and someone holding a leash with his brains blown out, and upside down crosses made of milk bones. I didn't think up that saying, though

Quick Trip To Vegas

Jetted out to Vegas real quick to get up with Mario. We just shot this global campaign that is about to drop soon. Can't reveal details but it's gonna be really cool. Thank You Brittney for the ride back to the airport.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jim Jones - Mario Barth - Starlight Tattoo - Capo Status

Jim Jones came by Starlight Tattoo the other night to start his back piece. Mario lined his whole back in one sitting. (Photos by Billy Burke)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More amazing back pieces

What happened to this angel's feet? Don't they look just like stumps? Also why is one angel stomping the other one's head? I think I see some horns on the bottom angel there, so maybe it's Lucifer being shown what's up.
Let me show you a wonderful trio of ridiculous back tattoos:

Now I know that this photo was taken mid-scabby-stage so I won't be *too* harsh about the quality of the tattooing here, because it's really hard to tell. HOWEVER, it's impossible to tell what's going on! I do see some flaming dice, and a '3', but what are the weird globby things on each shoulder? They look like rotting lettuce.

Okay, now this one just confuses me. I am under the assumption that it's not finished. The triangle thing on the left is one of the worst tattoos I've seen, but seems like a pretty explainable bad tattoo to get. The Japanese guy on the right is not actually that bad, and obviously isn't done yet. What REALLY baffles me though, is what is on the bottom. It looks like a scratched on sunbathing girl at the beach! IT CAN'T BE SO! sdlkfjslfjs! Amazing.

Check out Jan 10 Post !!

This was done a week before the Singapore Tattoo Convention 2009. I have updated on January 10th 2009. So, scroll down and take a look !!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Guess who is back ?!

A million apologies to the many who come to this site and only to be disappointed by not having to see any updates for a long time.

I have been busy, going through alot and trying to live a "life".

I will be updating real soon from the time when Singapore's 1st Tattoo Convention took place. Yep, it has been months !! Till this time - Where I died on the Blood, Sex & Ink Tour ...

Stay tuned, boys and girls.
Come party with the Starlight Tattoo Crew!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Urban Ink

About a month ago Urban Ink came in and interviewed us for our film "Under The Skin" The Issue just dropped and you can pick it up at local news stands today. Shout out to Paul and Lauren for making it happen.

Inked Producers Go Under The Skin

Photography by Ab Sesay

A barrage of flashes and shutter clicks of cameras invade the small movie theater on Second Avenue in New York City’s East Village. There is a fashionable street-come-rock-and-roll crowd that has come out for tonight’s event. They huddle under the marquee as the line grows and begins to snake around the corner. Standing at the nucleus of the buzz, Mario Barth and Billy Burke seem at ease as they pose for the press. They are the subjects of the evening’s festivities: the New York premiere of their acclaimed documentary Under The Skin. For Mario Barth, it’s another night in the lime-light, a stop on his whirlwind feast of life, enjoying the fruits and flavors accompanied by his A-list clientele. Later at the after-party I stopped Barth’s partner Billy Burke to say hello. Fresh off a summer tour with New York band The Lordz, Burke is the “Yin” to Barth’s “Yang.” Just by observation, one can easily guess that Burke may feel a bit more anxious in this setting than Barth, who is busy summoning two gigantic bottles of champagne with one raised arm while his other arm hangs around his master-piece wife Carol (she is covered in ink, Barth’s ink to be exact).

Mario Barth is the American Dream dressed in leather and ink. A true renaissance man: businessman, family man, entrepreneur, and inventor with a giant personality. He works hard in the name of tattoos and is highly respected among other tattoo artists around the world. Barth is the owner and creator of Intenze, the very first line of sterile ink that is sold in twenty-eight countries across six continents. He has a total of six tattoo shops in the U.S., including the busiest shop on the Las Vegas Strip, Starlight Tattoo at the Mandalay Bay. Barth is also founder and host of the World’s Largest Tattoo Show, its 8th annual to be held in Vegas later this year.

Born in Austria, in his teens and early adult years Barth could be found immersed in the street scene. He lived a rebel life filled with bikers, metal music and of course tattoos, which were illegal in Austria at the time. Barth was an integral part of a movement to have tattooing legalized in Austria, a legacy he left behind when he set his sights on the U.S. Eleven years ago Barth settled in Northern New Jersey, home of the original Starlight Tattoo and now home to his wife and young son as well. Little did Barth know at the time what a poetic role his geographic choice would play. Northern New Jersey was also home to Billy Burke, a kid barely eighteen years old at the time.

In 1998 Billy Burke had only just begun writing his story, one of his love affair with all things underground, street culture, and what he calls “outlaw art.” Burke majored in fine arts and political science in college while managing a constant stream of side projects that fed his passions. During college and beyond, Burke got involved in producing press junkets for major movie houses such as Paramount, New Line, Dream Works, and Miramax. Producing the junkets lit a spark in Burke and he continued on that path. A self-taught filmmaker, Billy went on to create, executive produce, and direct ten episodes of The Brooklyn Way for MSG network. He then executive produced a second season for the Fuse channel. This docu-series focused on the once popular Lordz of Brooklyn trying to regain the stardom and recognition they had over a decade ago.

As a highly respected New York City underground band, the Lordz provided a great underdog story for Burke to capture on film. The Brooklyn Way introduced the real and significant New York City street culture to a younger generation with a colorful cast comprised of a “who’s who” from the pioneers of the NYC street scene. Suddenly Mr. Kaves, his brother ADM, graffiti artists Stash, Futura, Haze, Lee Quinones and Joey Semz were in the collective frontal lobe of popular culture once again. It was Burke’s magnetism toward rebel culture (tattooing in particular) that would be the catalyst in his first meeting with Barth. Ten years ago Burke sought out Barth to get a tattoo, they hit it off, their paths kept crossing, and soon it became inevitable that they combine forces.

Photography by Pat Johnson

Under the Skin was Barth and Burke’s first collaboration. The documentary is a captivating look into the ancient Japanese technique of tattooing known as Tebori. In the film, Barth serves as a guide into the underground world of the Tebori masters trying to keep their art alive. (Tattooing is still banned in Japan today due to its underground ties.) Barth’s bond to the Horitoshi family

takes the viewer where no Westerner has gone before. Under The Skin took home four awards, including Best Documentary at the Independent New York Film Festival and Best Documentary

Director at the L.A. Independent Film Festival.

Barth and Burke were onto something. Barth’s celebrity clientele include Sylvester Stallone, Lenny Kravitz, Jason Kidd, Nikki Sixx, band members of KoRn, My Chemical Romance, Dave Navarro, and Tommy Lee (who was tattooed by Barth mid-air on a private plane from New York to Miami). With this kind of access and his everyday antics, along with Burke’s vision and

experience in film and event production, the Barth and Burke Production Company was born.

They have many new projects in the works including a new series called Marked that will premiere this year on the History Channel. Marked will bring the viewer into modern-

day tribes, subcultures, and street crews to get a look at the pride and tradition their members carry on their bodies. It is with this project and others that B and B Productions will continue to

reach a broad audience and offer a real look into the outer edges of society.

Written by Lauren Del Vecchio


To Purchase Under The Skin CLICK HERE!