Friday, December 4, 2009

Angel Pin Up Girl Tattoos

angel pin up girl tattoo


blonde pin up girl tattoo

Thousands of tattoo designs have feminine shapes or have symbols that depict women. Pin up girls tattoos are very famous with both men and women. These tattoos express sensuality, beauty and can even be a sign of female empowerment. The feminine figures are shown perfectly and have a sense of feminine beauty and have sex appeal.

You can get tattoos of famous models. There have been a number of them and if you do not like any of the present ones, you can get pictures of the models from the past years and get them tattooed. Some of these figures can be entirely nude or be wearing erotic costumes. Most of these tattoos were made in black and white and have different poses. With changing times, these tattoos have undergone a change and a lot of colors are being used in the tattoos. The nature of the pin-up girls in multi-fold and they can be sassy, cute, unassuming and even smart.

zombie pin-up girl tattoo

Most of the tattoos of pin up girls are illustrations and can even be some exaggerated cartoons. There are a number of popular pin up girls like Bettie and Varga Girl. Women with lacy lingerie and curves are made into tattoos to show a sensual image of womanhood. In most of these tattoos one would see women posing; sometimes on bent knee or lying down on one side or framing her face with her hand. The cartoons have bodies that have outrageous proportions of body and will always be a sign of lust and grace.

New Sailor Girl Pin-up Tattoo

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