Friday, January 22, 2010

Different Types Of Love Tattoos

love tattoos

Express your love with a love tattoo

love tattoos

Every one of us has been touch by this beautiful emotion called love. It is a divine feeling to be loved and to love. We always want to express our love for that special one by employing various means. What can be more stunning then a love tattoo which is everlasting and it signifies the spirit of love. Love tattoos are the most extensively used of all the tattoos. There are many different types of love tattoos and the most preferred one are,

Cupid angels: According to Greek mythology Cupid is the God of love. He makes people fall in love by shooting arrows of love. Tattoo lovers like to express their heart felt love for their beloved by getting this tattoo done. It expresses divine, true love and dedication. It is a promise to remain together for life amidst all odds.

love tattoos

Cherubs: They are male baby angels who are so sweet and lovely to look at. They usually are drawn carrying a bow or a trumpet. They signify untainted innocent love which is free from all conditions and restrictions. They express the love which you have for your beloved that is pure and everlasting.

Heart: This tattoo is serving the purpose of tattoo lovers in expressing their love for their loved ones. It signifies a heart that is full of love, respect and commitment for a lifetime.

Rose: It is a representation of pure and tranquil love. It is one of the favorite among tattoo lovers. It is a symbol of eternal love and commitment for the lovers. A rose tattoo depicts togetherness for lifetime.

There are many ways of expressing love but one of the best ways is to mark a tattoo in respect to the one you love.

love tattoos

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