Thursday, March 18, 2010

Best Tattoo Laws

Tattoo Laws
When it comes to tattooing there really are not that many laws that have to be followed, except for the health aspect of the tattooing business. But other than that if you have you business license and meet all health standards in your area you are good to go. It seems that Michigan has started to crack down on the local tattoo parlors all around town. Before the begging of 2009 it was up to the 83 counties to decided what kind of regulations the tattoo parlors had to follow. Some counties required that the business had to have a business license as well as the artist that were working there. Some counties didn't require any of those. But Michigan has decided that it is in the better interest of every person in the state that is getting tattooed that the tattoo parlor should have a business license. It also means that the tattoo parlor is going to be inspected by the health department on a regular basis. The whole reason the state decided to implement this new law is to get rid of people tattooing out of their house and getting the not so great, don't know what they are doing tattoo artists off the streets.

It is probably in your best interest to make sure the tattoo parlor you are using or plan on using follows all the laws. Look for a business license on the wall and make sure you see an autoclave (the machine that cleans all the tattoo equipment) Also never get a tattoo from someone if you do not see them open the new needle in front of you!!!

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