Friday, March 5, 2010

Hottest Tattoo Designs for Girl

All the fabulous guys on our "Hot" list were drawn from numerous magazine lists of "sexiest" men in the world. They also all have Tattoos.
Lenny Kravitz is a great musician with a great body and great tattoos! He is known for a dragon that covers his entire left shoulder, upper arm and much of the left side of his chest. A cross and Arabic writing can be seen on his other arm. This laid back guy is super hot!
Justin Timberlake, the singer and actor, is gorgeous, sexy, brilliant and also known to be a very nice guy. He has his initials tattooed on his ankles, a cross on his left shoulder and a large angel with the word "Guardian: above it on his back.
David Beckham has redefined sexy in the world of sports. This guy's gorgeous body has tattoos of his sons' names "Brooklyn", "Romeo" and "Cruz" and his wife Victoria's name in Hindu.
Mark Whalberg,the actor, is also known to have a "Bad Boy" past with prison time included. He has both shoulders covered with tattoos including a rosary around his neck and a portrait of Bob Marley on his shoulder.
Dwayne Johnson, known as "The Rock" is a former wrestler and current hot actor. he definitely has one of the hottest tattooed bodies in the world. His body art collection includes a Brahman bull on his bicep and a huge polynesian piece on his shoulder.
Keith Urban's wife Nichole says he's a very romantic man. He is famous as a country singer and his tattoos about loveincluding "Omni Vincit Amor" on his wrist Latin for "Love conquers all" .
Taye Diggs, the gorgeous model and actor, has several exotic tattoos which include a Chinese Dao symbol on his shoulder and an Egyptian ankh on the inside of his right calf.
They rest of the list is too long to mention but includes many well known gorgeous and sexy celebrities from Rock Stars, Movie Stars and Sports Stars.

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