Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How to choose unique Tribal Tattoo design

How to choose unique Tribal Tattoo design

Choosing tribal tattoo designs usually is very cool . Tribal Tattoos are used primarily for four things in tribal communities.

1) Identification. Each tribe and family has its own tattoo designs. Tribe members can identify each other by their tattoos - in this life and in the afterlife. Tribal tattoos tell a lot about the origin and the social background of the person who wears them.

2)Social status. The style and size of a tribal tattoo say a lot about a person’s social status in the group. A person with a big tattoo usually has a higher rank in the society compared to one with a simple tattoo.

3) Rite of passage. Getting a tattoo is part of the ritual that turns a boy into a man or a girl into a woman.

4) Magic, healing, and protection. Tribal tattoos were believed to have magical powers. For example, in some tribes, a boy is assigned a totem animal during his rites of passage. It is believed that the wearer inherits some of the powers of his totem animal by wearing a tattoo of the animal.

Usually tribal tattoos have a masculine energy about them because of their bold, thick lines. At the same time, they are versatile and they tend to look very good on women as well.

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