Saturday, March 6, 2010

Peace Tattoos


Title: peace tattoos

Peace tattoos are very much in the trend for people who like to show that they care and they love humanity. These tattoos have been one of the all time favorite among various social reformers whose main goal is world peace and removal of hatred. These people take the help of peace tattoos to show the intense feeling they have for peace and harmony.

Tribal Tattoos peace: In this category a tattoo loves wants to show that he cares for peace and humanity by getting a tribal symbol of peace. There are many symbols and signs in many tribes which represent peace and tattoo lovers like them as it is a new way of saying you care for mankind.

Dove Tattoos for peace: Dove is a very beautiful white bird which is a universal symbol of peace and harmony. Dove symbols are held auspicious by Christianity. In Christianity dove denotes resting in peace. Similarly symbol of paired doves represents harmony, love, fidelity and happy homes and that is the reasons doves are released on the wedding day by the brides and the grooms. Doves are known to have a single life partner for life and are very peaceful that is one reason for the tattoos of dove denoting peace the world over.

A peace tattoo signifies universal peace and hope for all mankind. It also denotes purity and gentleness. It epitomizes the elimination of hatred among the people of different countries of the world. It calls for universal love under any conditions.

Title: peace tattoos

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