Sunday, May 23, 2010

Art Cool tattoos

Art Cool tattoosFor Vixen in cities today, tattoos are also a way to communicate its allure, sensuality or, possibly, his devotion to a person she loves. A tattoo is a form of art and decoration, where the canvas is your skin. gives the art of the skin of men and women to express their individuality and uniqueness.vv

Tattoo for thousands of years, and certainly takes thousands of people. It is thought to date back to ancient Africa, especially Egypt, and the period around 2000 years before the pyramids were built. Latin America, the Mayans were also known to be a tattoo, as were the Aztecs and Incas. Polynesians spread the practice of tattooing throughout Southeast Asia and then sent around the world, when sailors tattooed they encountered. In addition, the body art, tattoos used for cosmetic and reconstructive purposes - Permanent make-up (lip liner crops, for example), and in order to disguise the unsightly scars and replacement of areolae are mastectomy patients.

The tattoo literally means to puncture the skin. The tattoos are applied to the body piercing the outer skin layer and the insertion of the colors in the dermal layer of the skin. You need to think as permanent tattoos, although with time some colors may fade.

There are many different ways you can get a tattoo, but old-fashioned or modern techniques used, the skin is punctured with a sharp tool. Originally, tattooing requires one or more needles fixed to a stick and dug into the skin of a tap. The Polynesians sound recording Tau Tau - is what led to its original name - tattoo. Today, tattooing is usually done with an electric needle or gun.

Since tattoos are permanent and there are risks associated with tattoos, it is important to choose knowingly and a tattoo artist and shop or salon. For several tattoo inks can cause allergic reactions or scarring, you should also discuss your decision to get tattooed with your dermatologist. Below you can see the essential tips to ensure a safe tattoo experience.

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