Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Clown Tattoo Designs - Smile Your Worries Away With Your Unique Clown Tattoo Design

Just like your favorite clown, the clown tattoo designs must also give joy and laughter. It must be as funny as the real clown in the flesh. Laughter, amusement, comical figure, poker face and psychedelic colors are the important elements in clown tattoos.

Complex as it may seem to be but behind these complexities of having a clown tattoo is the fulfillment and satisfaction of possessing a rare and unique tattoo design. Your tattoo must be embedded on the body part which you have easy view access.

To portray a happy sentiment on your clown design, the application of primary and secondary colors must be exploited. This is for those who are dedicated to have a full color clown. Some who simply wanted a clown-tattoo would opt for one color like gray or black.

A good tattoo artist could capture the happy countenance of a clown through giving focus on minute details. So before anything else, discuss with your tattoo artist how he or she would work on the design that you want. Be sure that the colors that you will be using are somehow not far fetch from the colors that real clowns usually use. This could be checked by printing a sample of your tattoo design.

One could opt to have a full-bodied clown. You may design a clown head only or maybe a half-bodied clown. The most common clown tattoo is the "jack-in-the-box" which is more of a toy clown. The body parts where you can place your tattoo include the lower back, shoulder, wrist, and even on your buttocks.

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