Monday, May 10, 2010

Everything You Need to Know About Tribal Tattoo Designs

While some tattoos can be elaborate displays of genuine artwork, full of colors and intricate lines, there is definitely a lot that can be said in favor of the more primal sort of symbols known as tribal tattoos. It has been discovered that the idea of tattooing the skin goes all the way back to the ancient man. It is believed that it may have first been done by primordial man as a method of creating a camouflage for themselves so the animals they were hunting would not see them. Evidence of tribal tattoo markings has been found on ancient mummies as well as on a 5000 year old man found frozen in an Italian glacier.

Tribal tattoos can have a very deep meaning for those who choose to have them done. Often used to mark a person as a member of a group, these symbols can bring about a sense of comraderie that is firm, sealed in blood, one might say. These tattoos can also be marks of status or a rite of passage. Perhaps one has dedicated their entire life to a cause or an idea, they may just wish to have a permanent reminder or message on their body showing the world who they are and what they value. Some use this art form to make a statement about their philosophies or beliefs, imbuing their skin with magical symbols they believe will help them on their course.

There are so many different types of tribal tattoos that it would be impossible to mention them all, but generally they consist of a basic black form, that is sometimes accented by a small amount of color. These symbols can be anything from lightning bolts down the arm to Celtic knots to dragons. Many people will even add a more graphically intensive image in the midst of what would have otherwise been a pure tribal tattoo. For example, they can have a beautiful intricate picture of a tiger's face surrounded by the dark bold lines and angles that give the feeling of a warrior's markings. Others have the appearance of fire rising from the middle of their back and up to spread over both shoulders. The possibilities for these designs are simply endless. As far as the imagination can reach is the limit to how many designs can be achieved and what they can mean to the person who bears them.

Tribal tattoos are very popular among celebrities these days too. Most celebrities who have tattoos have at least some form of flat symbolism involved in one or more of their body arts. Some of those with tribal tattoos are: Mike Tyson, who has a large tribal on the side of his face, Pamela Anderson who has one on her lower back, Boy George who has one with a G in it on his neck and Sandra Bullock who has a tribal heart just below her naval.

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