Thursday, May 20, 2010

Flower Tattoos Design Kamon

Flower  Tattoos Design KamonMaruni in mitu aoi
Maruni Mitu Aoi is a geranium. This brush is traditionally known as the Tokugawa Kamon. Tokugawa era of Edo is common.
Flower Tattoos Design KamonBotan Chou
Botan Chou is a peony flower and the butterfly. Kamon This symbol is used only for the higher level of people in Japan on Samurai age.
Flower Tattoos Design KamonKuri no maru
Kuri no Kamon Maru, which is a chestnut. In Japan, it is known as the main food of the primitive age.
Flower Tattoos Design KamonOgawa uri
This kamon represents squash, and pumpkin. This symbol is knows as the symbol used for oota and tanaka family in Japan.
Flower Tattoos Design KamonInemaru ni ichi
This represent rice flower with the number 1 symbol. The kamon is known as the Suzuki's family crest in Japan.

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