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Heart Tattoo Designs - Show How Your Heart Beats

Are you in love or broken hearted? It's time to express your feelings with heart tattoo designs. The art of tattooing has been very influential in the society today as it figures out many different designs from the past. And among those designs, hearts are said to be the meaningful designs ever. Heart symbolizes love above all. Heart tattoos today are really different from designs before. From simple heart figures, artists do several changes to make heart design appealing to many people. These combine other images like swords, flowers, names and ribbons.


Heart tattoo designs have been introduced to the world in early 1900's. Soldiers and sailors are ones that that first put heart tattoos on their bodies. Before leaving for the fight, they commemorate their families and love ones by illustration several heart figures on letters and other forms meaningful things. On the other hand, sailors are ones that choose red colors for heart. Before leaving the girlfriend of the wife, they used to place heart tattoos somewhere in their body with a name inside of every heart shape.

Types Of Heart Designs To Choose From
Heart tattoo designs have lots of variation. Some are quite similar while others involved unique and excellent styles that truly symbolize love. There are also designs meant for religious individuals. As a huge fan of hearts, you can choose tattoos designs based on its meanings. Here are several examples that you can probably have in the future.

Locked heart

This is the common designs used by both men and women in the society today. Locked heart is quite a simple design yet it symbolizes permanent relationship. Locked heart designs are often see with keys inside. This type of tattoo design is quite risky just in case you broke up the relationship with your girlfriend and most especially if it has name inside.

Sacred heart

In comparison with other designs, sacred heart is meant for Christians. This design symbolizes the devotion of people to their lord and savior Jesus Christ. And the same thing, Jesus Christ shows his love for human beings thru sacred heart designs.

Winged heart

Obviously, these are designs with wings. For some individuals winged heart represents enlighten or free soul. Yet for some individuals, this type of design symbolizes being alone from a relationship his or her love one has gone away.

These are only some of heart tattoo designs to choose from. By surfing the net or by visiting a tattoo artist, you can find a lot more designs. Tattoos are meant to last a lifetime. Therefore, deciding what type of design to get inked in the body is must thing that one should consider.

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