Thursday, May 20, 2010

Iraqi Army Tattoos

Iraqi  Army Tattoos CPL. Nick I. Jason, at Sarasota, Florida, and the assistant team leader D Company, Second Battalion Amphibians Assault show the tattoo was in memory of his friends and fellow Marine Lance Cpl. S Jonathan L. Smith, Chase J. Comley, Camp Smitty, Iraq.
Iraqi Army Tattoos Post wrote: "I'll always wanted a tattoo but was never sure what to get. Although my husband was deployed to Iraq I finally decided I wanted ... My idea was that whilst he could go to Iraq to fight in a war, the least I can do is get a tattoo to show my support and love for him! "
Iraqi Army Tattoos Iraqi Army Tattoos
Iraqi Army Tattoos Iraqi Army Tattoos
Iraqi Army Tattoos Lance Cpl. Tom Blachard shows the tattoo "sleeve" covering one of his arms. Marines complain that the policy of allowing tattoos on the lower legs is interpreted differently in different orders. Commandant Gen. James Conway said regulations specifying the rules will be announced in the coming weeks.

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