Monday, May 17, 2010

Lower Back Tattoo Designs - Alluring and Seductive

Calling all men

Why are men attracted to lower back tattoo designs? The lower back is a sensual part of the female body. The back of the neck is just as appealing for some, but there is something about the lower back, that when a strategically placed tattoo is seen peeking out ever so slightly is irresistible to the other sex.

Some of the designs themselves even resemble a certain part of female anatomy in shape.(Imagination is used here) In some cultures lower back tattoo designs are used as aphrodisiacs, to draw attention to themselves and ultimately find a mate. The designs would represent a females ranking in a tribe and her achievements.

Most often, the design is quite petite and intricate, centered and beginning at the backbone and feathering out to either side, even extending from hip to hip. This form of tattoo accentuates the hips and buttocks and reduces the waist in appearance. This area of the body rarely changes as we age, so it seems to be the perfect spot for body art.

A lower back tattoo design for some will be the beginning of a full back tattoo, which men are famous for. The back on a man is enhanced by body art if placed just so, to enhance muscle tone on the shoulder blades and external rotator cuffs.

Popular Designs


A coiling snake represents the inner strength the lower back holds. The serpent can also be used as a goddess symbol as depicted in ancient religions.


Some of the most popular for a lower back tattoo design are tribal, as they are proportionately shaped for this area. There are Celtic, Polynesian, African, American Indian and many more cultural tribal designs available, making it easier for anyone of any nationality to find a tattoo personable for them.

The Lotus Flower

This flower is the essence of femininity and fertility. It also represents prosperity and creativity on a feminine level. The colors are vibrant and very eye catching to appeal to anyone.

The Dragonfly

This little creature is also perfect for a lower back tattoo design, with its body centered and wings stretching to either side. Couple this with some vines or foliage and watch out!


A dolphin is also a mammal, which can represent life. Put two of these creatures back-to-back seemingly jumping from the water and you have an exquisite piece of art. Dolphins are also the keeper of the seas and have been known to escort lost sailors home. This is a protective symbol used by fishermen.

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