Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sexy American Latin Tattoos

Sexy American Latin TattoosKat Von D certainly knows how to transform ordinary tables cuerpos walking with her very detailed portraits in black and gray, but have you ever wondered what inspires him strongly impregnated models? Born in Mexico and grew up with parents from Argentina, Kat in honor of his Latin American roots by adding cultural elements needled his creations.
Sexy American Latin TattoosSexy American Latin Tattoos
26 years, reveals his true love Mexico: Yes, all the time. My mother, until recently, lived in Tijuana and I just returned to America to live with me. But we go there often and one day I will retire there. I love Mexico so much. It will be nice to have a house down the drain and eventually reside there. Perhaps this is to inspire "Mexico Ink spin-off in the future! We can only imagine abuelitas getting tatted up by Ms Von D, after all ... We believe in "LA Ink" works well! [Latin] Photos Kat Von D and Lionel Deluy

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