Monday, May 17, 2010

Some Tips to Find Cool Tattoo Designs

It's been a long time since you've seen that unique and edgy tattoo on TV and you always pondered if you too can have a cool tattoo just like that. Many edgy people- men and women- have enjoyed being inked with cool tattoo designs. Good to know that our time is already open for this type of art and many tattoo artists have delved into the art as part of their self-expression and also as a profession.

Deciding to have a tattoo is no longer a difficulty these days since there are many edgy, unique and cool tattoo designs that are far from those that you see on the earlier generations of tattoo lovers. Gone are days of all-black or all-grey tattoos, because colored tattoos are so popular among the young and middle-aged enthusiasts.

Some tips in getting cool tattoo designs:

You can first check out several tattoo magazines online and offline. Browse through the website or page by page to see the detailed designs and decide if this is for you. Tattoo books are also great resources to find cool designs from various artists. Again, think it over before deciding which should stay on your skin for life because the reverse process is harder.

Remember that the larger and the more intricate the design, the costlier and a bit stingy a tattoo could be in process. So if you're a newbie and have not been inked, think about it many times before you dive in.

If you truly want a tattoo, make sure to start with a smaller design especially if you are the type of person who dreads needles and stinging pain. But to tell you the truth, it all depends per individual since the pain is quite tolerable and not as dreadful. Smaller tattoo designs are also hip and in particularly for females. Most women like to start with small tattoos because of their fear of pain and because most of them want the design to seem to blend- like an accessory of some sort.

For the real tattoo enthusiasts, there is nothing like getting a full leg or arm or even an entire back filled with cool tattoo designs. Now for the design theme itself, there are many resources out there such as the net and also the collections of your local tattoo artists.

When you go to an artist's tattoo shop, ask them to show you their design collections and think of the best design that will fit you. If it's possible, request for printed copies of the tattoo designs that you think are cool and best-fitting.

Another great way to get cool designs for your soon-to-be-tattoo is to find a local artist who can design it for you from scratch. Or if you have something in mind or you've found a design but want to modify it according to your preference, it is possible as long as you have a good designer at hand.

Being ready before you get a tattoo should be on your list while you are searching for cool tattoo designs. It's best to have the right mindset and physical condition when deciding and during the tattooing process so you won't regret anything in the long run.

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